Spring Gardening

Low maintenance gardens that only require minimum time to work in them is ideal for many people. You can enjoy the garden without having to worry about how much time is involved.  Plant things that don't require tons of work and don't like being bothered frequently. Frequently they'll spread on their own so there's less work next year. The best thing is to prepare your boxes from the winter. 

If starting from new, make certain all rocks and roots are removed that are in the way of your new bed. Then you need to kill any weeds. If pulling them isn't for you, then use old wet newspapers or cardboard from old boxes and lay them thickly several sheets at a time over the ground and the weeds. Put the dirt and mulch over this and most weeds will die without much effort.  It robs the weeds of sun and air.

Weed cloth over the new dirt and under the mulch is great assistance for keepings future weeds away.  Kept under mulch, weed cloth can last for 3-10 years depending on the type bought.  This protects the new plant from being clogged by any weeds that want to come back. Gives it a chance to thrive there without the competition. You cut holes over the area you wish to plant in and then put mulch around the plant once it's planted. This is further insurance against weeds because there's no sunlight to the surrounding area I like to plant lavender and other perennials since the scent is pest repellent but I love the smell. It's very low maintenance. If planting on hills that you want to avoid mowing, try for forsythia, butterfly bushes, knock-out roses and azaleas.  These all are hardy plants that spread and create beautiful surroundings for years to come.