March 2018 Holidays

March is National Craft Month. March is the perfect time to try something new.  Its the beginning of spring where the earth is coming alive again after its hibernation over winter. You can learn to sew, crochet, woodworking or gardening. Its the perfect time for "I've always wanted to know how to…."


March 17 Maple Syrup Saturday.

            While being known for another holiday, this is a day for enjoying one of nature's best sweeteners.  Celebrate this day with a large stack of pancakes with plenty of maple syrup on top.  You can make maple ice cream or maybe add maple syrup to your coffee instead of sugar. You could make maple glazed pork chops or find other delicious maple recipes. Did you know that since maple syrup is less processed than table sugar its healthier for you? Recent research has uncovered that pure maple syrup may help reduce chronic inflammation, promote brain health, improve liver functions and help to manage Type 2 diabetes.  Celebrate the wonderful people who discovered this wonderful sweetener from the trees.


March 22 is Goof Off Day.

            This is the best day to take the day off work and do what you want. If you can't avoid working, then go spend your lunch break in the park and enjoy the sunshine.  You can choose a different route to work that day, eat at a different restaurant or just go for a walk around the office.  Goofing off has been proven to increase productivity because your giving your brain a break and allowing your creativity to flourish. Whatever you do make certain to not take everything so seriously and enjoying goofing around.   


March 26 is Make Up Your Own Holiday.

            Today is the day to decide what you're going to celebrate. It could be anything that you want. It could be easy like Happy Cheetos Day or something that is so specific there wouldn't already be a day set aside to celebrate like Left-Handed Chocoholics Day. You can really be creative or just enjoy a happy day.


March 31 is National Crayon Day.

            Color your world and remember the simpler times while coloring today.  Today is the day to pick up those crayons and just enjoy coloring in a picture.  Did you know that the name Crayola crayons have been around since 1903? That’s a long time to spend making the world more colorful.  Spend today designing that new outfit you would like to wear, a house that you could live in, or just a simple field with flowers.  Just enjoy some quiet time coloring thinking about one of the simple joys in life and reminisce about when the only thing you had to worry about was staying in the lines.