January 2018 Holidays

January is a month where people stay in their homes because the weather outside is still frightful but the holidays are over and cheer is sometimes hard to find.  That's why there is a need to celebrate odd holidays to keep some cheer and avoid cabin fever. 


January 10- Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Chocoholics Rejoice! Today is the day to enjoy the healthiest of chocolate! The higher the cacao or cocoa solids in the chocolate, the better it is for you.  Anywhere from 60-90% can be considered bittersweet chocolate.  The scientific name is Theobroma Cacao which translates to the "food of the gods."  It can prevent heart disease, increase longevity, and of course make you happier. Who doesn't want to eat food that makes you happier? January is the perfect month for this holiday because it's the best time to drink hot chocolate!


January 18th- Thesaurus Day

How many synonyms can you come up with for celebration? To assist with this task, why not use a thesaurus.  This day celebrates Peter Mark Roget, author of the most used Roget's Thesaurus, who was born on this day in 1779.  He published his dictionary of synonyms in 1852 and it's never been out of print since! The word thesaurus is latin for "treasure."  What started with 15,000 words has grown to over 230,000! Astound friends and family with your new vocabulary on this day.  Have a contest to see who can come up with the most synonyms for celebration!


January 22-Hot Sauce Day

Whether it is Tobasco, Texas Pete or Sriracha, all hot sauce is celebrated on this day.  Since this holiday is during the winter season, perhaps the point of this holiday is to get you warm from the inside out.  Whether you sprinkle some on your chili or make hot sauce and cheese sandwiches, make certain to celebrate all things spicy on this day.


January 28- Lego Day

Who doesn't love Legos? It's so fun to build cities, pirate or space ships or even the Eiffel Tower!  Watching all the little pieces come together and take shape is a wonder you don't grow out of.  It is celebrated this day because the patent application was submitted this day.  Today Lego is the largest toy company on the globe. Did you know that a lego brick made in 1958 will still work with Lego bricks made today? Celebrate this day by building something new with them, watching the Lego sculptors on YouTube, play a Lego video game or perhaps plan a trip to Legoland.  Just be careful not to step on them barefoot!


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