April 2018 Holidays

April is my favorite month of the year. Spring has sprung and there are many reasons to celebrate.


Apr 11- 8 track Day

Does anyone still have these? This wonderful day is a great time to search used music stores for these nostalgic items. Remind kids how we used to listen to music. Give them a history lesson that can start with records until today. Pull out your player if you still have one and enjoy music from yesteryear. You could make a musical craft with them too. Glue some together for a pencil holder for a composer or music lover.


Apr 14- Moment of Laughter Day

Laughter is the best medicine so everyone can benefit from this day. This is the best time to tell everyone you meet a joke. Visit those in the hospital or senior home and bring a bright spot to their day. Do silly games and things with kids in your family. It's the best day for everyone to hear your best material.


Apr 17- Blah, Blah, Blah Day

Get people to stop nagging you on this day and do those things you have been putting off. Whether that’s stopping a bad habit, losing weight or getting something off the Honey Do list. This is the best day to get those monkeys off your back and remove the nagging.


Apr 22-Jelly Bean Day

Did you know that jelly beans date back to the civil war? Hard to believe they're that old. The reason for their popularity is the flavors can be anything that can be imagined. Whether fruity, or more adventurous like popcorn or bacon, jelly beans can be any flavor one can think of.  Harry Potter fans will warn that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. There are booger and dog food flavored jelly beans in those books.


Apr 27- Tell a Story Day

Whether they are fairy tales, fibs, mythology or fish tales, you get to pick. This is a good day to volunteer at a library or just spend some time at home reading to kids. You can really get into the day and act out the story or give each person in the story a different voice. Children that have books read to them do better in school and life than those that aren’t.